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Red Scarlet X

Canon EOS C300

Laowa 12mm T2.9  


Sigma T2 18-35mm Lens

DZO Vespid T2.8 16mm Prime Lens

DZO Vespid T2.1 25mm Prime Lens

DZO vespid T2.1 35mm Prime Lens

DZO Vespid T2.1 50mm Prime Lens

DZO Vespid T2.1 75mm Prime Lens

Mir 1-B t2.8 37mm Prime lens

Helios 44-2 t2 58mm Prime lens

Zodiak-8 T3.5 30mm Prime Lens

Nikon Nikkor 135mm t2.3 Prime lens

Sachtler 18 II Tripod

Secced reach plus 2 tripod

David & Sanford FM18 Tripod

miliboo MTT601A Tripod

Manfrotto 529 Hi hat

SmallHD 702 7" monitor

Gemeni 444 video recorder

Nanlite PavoTube 30C 4' RGBW LED Tube (x2)

Intellytech Mega light cloth

Aputure 600x

Aputure 300x

aputure 120D II


Aputure  lantern diffuser

Aputure F10 Fresnel

aputure Fresnel spot (x2)

Aputure light dome 150

Aputure Light dome II

Aputure Spotlight 26° Mount Set

Aputure MC RGBWW LED Light (x2)

Beauty dish reflector (white)

fovitec 1x1 led light panels (x2)

G.V.M. LED Light panels (x4)

Falcon eyes rx-18t flexible led

Sekonic L-758D light meter

150 Gold mount Batteries (x2)


90 Gold mount batteries (x2)


150 V mount battery


90 V mount battery (x2)

Sony bp-u (x5)


Titla Nucleus-N wireless follow focus

Hollyland mars 400 SDI/HDMI Wireless transmitter

tilta 4x4 matte box

4x4 ND filters (0.3 - 1.2)

4x4 1/2 BPM filter

4x4 Tiffen Polarizer Filter

Ikan cinefly shoulder rig

Indie-Dolly universal dolly system

24' indie dolly straight track

12' indie-dolly curved track

4' Slide

Sunjib S900 4.5' minijib

Kupo 14' med riser combo stand


C-stands (x6)

Avenger D600CB Mini Boom

Impact deluxe 12' Varipole system (x2)

ALZO 40"x40" Diffuser & Reflector

Studio pro 4'x4' light diffuser (x2)

Matthews 2x2' Silver reflector

Matthews 6x6' white china silk

Matthews 6x6' Unbleached muslin

Matthews 2x3' black flag

matthews 30x36" black flag

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

Matthellini 6" Clamp (x4)

Super clamp w/ baby spud (x2)

Pavo tube baby pin clamps (x2)

Matthews duckbill clamp

Matthews baby pin doubler

Matthews speed rail wall spreader

Matthews speed rail connector (x2)

6' speed rail (x4)

Kupo apple box set

0.6 & 1.2 ND Gel roll

50lb 32" safety cable (x4)

25' Stingers (x2)

10' Stingers (x4)

Furman Pro Powerstrip

Cube Taps (x3)

12" cinefoil

BOngo Ties

Sand Bags (x10)

Hot Hands Leather Gloves

Dewalt socket wrench set

Gaffers tape (Black and Color)

12x12 unbleached muslin

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